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I need some tips.. How can I apply as Steward in Shangrila Hotel Manila, Manila Penninsula or Herritage Hotel?

Q. I need some tips.. How can I apply for a job as Steward in Shangrila Hotel Manila, Manila Penninsula, Herritage Hotel or any five star hotel in Manila? Ty for helping me

A. First of all, wipe that frown in your face.

They won't hire people who don't look amiable to guests.
Present your resume wearing your best, and always wear a smile during the interview. It will also be handy to come with an introduction, or an insider already working there. But not necessary. Believe in yourself, and they will believe you.

Is there a good place to go in Manila fairly near the airport?
Q. I am going to have a long layover at the airport in Manila in June. I'd like to go and see some of that city or at least go out to dinner, instead of sitting in the airport for 6+ hours. I don't know if that is a safe area, has public transportation, or what I could see in, say 4-5 hours. Any suggestions would be helpful. I only speak English fluently, and understand a few words in Spanish.

A. You're better off taking a taxi into Metro Manila from the airport. There are a few reputable taxi companies, including Avis. This might take over an hour or close to 2 hours though depending upon the time of day and traffic. Depending upon what you would like to see and to eat, I recommend that you go to Makati City or Malate in the City of Manila.

Makati is the business district and has almost all of the top hotels, top restaurants, and some of the really good expensive shopping and spas. Depending upon how much you would like to spend, you can check out restaurants at Peninsula Hotel (Spices for Asian food or Mi Piace for Italian food or excellent seafood or Filipino food at the Lobby or coffee shop or their fine dining restaurant. They also have a wonderful but very expensive shop with cultured South Sea pearls in the hotel called Jewelmer. Jewelmer has several shops in different hotels and malls and has wonderful quality but is very expensive. You can bargain the prices down and considering the quality of the merchandise, it is good value. Other places in Makati are the Greenbelt Mall, Fort Bonifacio, and Shangri-La Hotel, Mandarin Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel and the Nikko Hotel. For Filipino food, the Glorieta, Rockwell, and Greenbelt malls have excellent options at various price points. Aside from good restaurants and decent shopping, Rockwell Mall has excellent spas and salons, I definitely recommend "Basement Salon".

But if you only have a few hours in Manila, you might prefer to go to Manila/Malate to enjoy sunset overlooking Manila Bay and to try good seafood or Filipino food at Manila Hotel or a range of restaurants in Malate. You might have time to see Intramuros, the walled city, which is the old part of Manila. It is generally safe, even if you just speak English.

There is such a wide range of restaurants that it's hard to recommend a place. I am finding it hard to suggest a particular place or activity because there is such a huge range of things to do, depending upon what you'd like to see or do.

Here are a few things - if you like mangoes, try fresh ripe mangoes in the Philippines, they're amazing and delicate so rarely exported except at huge expense. Also try the kilawin, if you like fresh fish - it's local cerviche. Also inihaw na pusit is the grilled squid - excellent! There are so many things - do leave the airport and explore a little bit of the city!

Good luck - have fun!

looking for an apartelle with good amenities on a cheaper rate.could you offer some places in manila or qc?
Q. need a cheap but fine place to stary for a month somewhere in manila.hotel,inn,condo or apartelle any of this place and in the vicinity of manila or quezon city.thanks

A. try fersal apartelle in quezon city
Quezon City, Metro Manila

Tel: (632)9242298
Fax: (632)9253205

or manila manor hotel
1660 Jorge Bococbo Street
Malate Manila

(632) 525-9065

(632) 524-9733
(632) 521-8996

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